For small jurisdictions and those jurisdictions overwhelmed by an increased amount of development, we can provide professional level inspection and plan review services for less cost than hiring a full time employee. We are able to step in to assist your current staff, or act as an extension of the building department if the work load requires it.


We currently act as the building department for Cherry Hills Village, and the City of Central in Colorado. We also assist numerous other building departments in areas of plan review & inspection work including:

  • Louisville, CO
  • Greenwood Village, CO
  • Parker, CO
  • Commerce City, CO
  • Frisco, CO
  • Lakewood, CO
  • Littleton, CO
  • Leadville, CO


Our review process works to keep the project moving forward while ensuring compliance with all applicable codes.

  • First, we review all aspects of the project for conformance with the building, mechanical, plumbing, energy and electrical codes as adopted by the jurisdiction. The structural portion of the documents are also evaluated for conformance with acceptable design standards.
  • Then, we develop a plan review report outlining the necessary changes to bring the construction documents into compliance with the applicable codes. Upon request, our firm will meet with the designer/contractor before, during and after the plan review to clarify and assist in bringing the plans into compliance.
  • Once construction documents have been found to comply with the codes, we submit the permit application for processing so a building permit can be issued.
  • During the construction of the project, we will continue to review plan revisions and deferred submittals i.e. ‘fire sprinklers, fire alarm drawings, through-penetration fire stopping’, etc.


Our firm can develop an outline of operation and coordination with your jurisdiction to achieve the most effective and responsible approach for inspection of all building projects.

Our services include:

  • Receiving and scheduling inspection requests from contractors.
  • Conducting inspections in accordance with the construction codes adopted by the jurisdiction, along with other inspections normally conducting by the building department.
  • Producing an inspection report for each site inspection and providing copies to the contractor and the jurisdiction on a weekly basis.
  • Conducting follow-up inspections to confirm that discrepancies noted in previous reports were corrected for conformance with applicable codes.


We are able to answer all of your staffs’ questions at a moment’s notice. Our firms depth of knowledge in all of the codes allows us to provide immediate assistance to any code question your staff may have.


Our firm has several instructors who are certified to teach all aspects of the building code nationwide. We are available to come to your location, customize the content, and provide full/half day classes that work for your schedule. View our list of classes to see how we can train your staff in all areas of the international codes.