Colorado’s Department of Labor and Employment Division of Oil and Public Safety requires that all conveyances receive Annual and 5 Year-Witnessed Inspections to receive your State issued Certifications to continue operating elevators and escalators. Colorado Code Consulting, LLC Elevator Escalator Program is the leading go-to company for all your Conveyance Inspections. Colorado Code Consulting, LLC employs six State of Colorado Licensed Conveyance Inspectors who are experienced with all types of conveyance systems. Counties and municipalities contract with Colorado Code Consulting, LLC to provide inspection services for all the units under their jurisdiction.

The mission of the Division of Oil and Public Safety Conveyance Program (OPS) is to protect the riding public and industry personnel in the State of Colorado from the hazards of dangerous conveyances. For more information click the link below.

Competitive pricing and thoroughness in our inspections is always our goal.