Numerous architectural firms contract with us to assist in code interpretations, preliminary reviews and code questions. Our goal is to expedite permitting by helping to insure your plans flow through the municipal building department approval process.


Our review process works to keep the project moving forward while ensuring compliance with all applicable codes.

  • First, we review all aspects of the project for conformance with the building, mechanical, plumbing, energy and electrical codes as adopted by the jurisdiction. The structural portion of the documents are also evaluated for conformance with acceptable design standards.
  • Then, we develop a plan review report outlining the necessary changes to bring the construction documents into compliance with the applicable codes. Upon request, our firm will meet with the designer/contractor before, during and after the plan review to clarify and assist in bringing the plans into compliance.
  • Once construction documents have been found to comply with the codes, we submit the permit application for processing, so a permit can be issued.
  • During the construction of the project, we will continue to review plan revisions and deferred submittals; ‘fire sprinklers, fire alarm drawings and through-penetration fire stopping,’ etc.


Our firm will work with the design team/contractor to achieve the most effective and responsible approach for inspection of new/existing building projects.

Our services include:

  • Receiving and scheduling inspection requests from contractors.
  • Meeting with the design team at the site and identifying any potential problem areas within the project.
  • Conducting inspections in accordance with the construction codes adopted by the jurisdiction, along with other inspections normally regulated by the building department.
  • Producing an inspection report for each inspection conducted at the site and providing to the design team, contractor and the jurisdiction on a weekly basis.
  • Conducting follow-up inspections to confirm that discrepancies noted in previous reports were corrected for conformance with applicable codes.


We are able to answer all of your questions in a timely manner. Our firms depth of knowledge in all of the codes allows us to provide immediate assistance to any code questions your staff may have.

Our staff has actively participated in the code development process since the inception of the ICC and their International series of model building codes. Three staff members currently serve on national ICC code development committees. This insight provides us with the intent of the code and permits you to have quick, accurate, and informed answers to your questions.

We have the ability to accept plans in electronic formats. This permits rapid assessment and return. We offer a broad range of services from answering quick questions to complete, comprehensive plan review. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your particular needs and our ability to assist you and your client.