Mr. Thomas has over thirty-five years’ experience in working with building codes including plan reviews, inspections and administration. His firm provides building code consulting services for governmental agencies and architectural firms, as well as educational seminars on building codes. Starting a building code-consulting firm in 1999, he has served as the contract Building Official for local jurisdictions in Colorado. Mr. Thomas has served on several ICBO and ICC committees including serving as a member and then Chairman of the ICC Means of Egress Code Development Committee. He is also the author of the book, Building Code Basics, based on the 2009 & 2012 IBC and Building Code Essentials based on the 2015 IBC, both available from ICC. He has presented building code classes for the last 30 years and provides an interesting and engaging look at building codes.

Steve Thomas

­Dan Weed
Plan Analyst/ Code Consultant

Rich Beckman
Plans Analyst/Insp

­­­Timothy Saari
Plans Analyst

Hope Medina
Energy/ Green Code Consultant

Gil Rossmiller
Energy Consultant

Elvin (Chuck) Devorss
Plan Analyst

Kenneth Swanson
Building Inspector

William Clayton
Plans Analyst

Teri Thomas
Administrative Assistant

Gary Pastore
Combination Inspector

Heather Keating
Administrative Assistant/ Energy

Gary Goodell
Plans Analyst

Randall Capra
Fire Review/Inspector

Alberto Barrios
Mechanical Plan Analyst

Jim Conway
Electrical Inspector

Justin Nielsen
Plans Analyst

Cara Weed
Bookkeeper/Access Program

Brian Cook
Plans Analyst

Pat Willis
Elevator Program Admin/ Business Development

Ashley Weed
Administrative Assistant/ Elevators

Paul Nappo
Elevator Inspector

Randy Pabst
Elevator Inspector

William Gardner
Elevator Inspector

Adam Mulford
Elevator Inspector

Walter Oneill
Elevator Inspector

Ignatius Rios
Elevator Inspector